• Web-design

    Using the last web-design techniques combined with usability standards we build web pages with an innovated design and easy usability. To insure a fast browsing of the site, the pages are put to several bandwidth tests, this will favour the access of all the browsers.

    HTML5 Flash JQuery W3C PHP


    Responsive Web-design
    With the huge growing of the mobile platforms we develop the web pages with responsive design view. This means that the website adapts itself accordingly to the user's screen. Being a desktop, a tablet, a cellphone or even a TV, the web page organizes itself so that the user can access to the information he seeks very easily.
    Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
    Big part of the visits sources come from search engines. For that reason we develop websites to take the best of the search engines algorithms. This approach assures that the web page is searchable from any user.
    All web pages should be presented to the users as fast as possible. This is one goal that make us design and develop our web sites. Even after concluded, load tests are made to ensure the web pages loading times.
    A web site can't be confusing and must familiar through all the web pages so that the visits can find the information they are looking for.