How does an effective site look like?

To better describe an effective website first we have to mention the existing website types:
1. A bad website
2. A good website
3. An effective website
1.A bad website is easy to recognize. They hurt your eyes, are difficult to navigate.
They leave their visitants annoyed confused and without the information they were looking for.

2.A good website is the most common one, generaly look like an effective website.
It looks professional, easy navigation, good content, etc. Is not hard to create a good website thats why most of websites are good. The problem is that a good website is not equal to an effective website.

3.An effective website is the type with most benefits.
The main difference between a good website and an effective one is that the effective one anticipates and fills the needs of the visitant.
Most of websites only try to sell instead of filling the needs of its visitants.
Effective websites need more planning and effort but the rewards of an effective website are really worth it.

What are the benefits of an effective website?

Offers a instant visual presentation;
Can be found through search engines by important words to the website, not just by the company name;
Is always available;
Is interactive;
Can redirect each visitant;
Easy to be updated;
Economizes in impressions costs and discussions;
Improves the client's relations;

How do you establish your presence in the world market?

In the virtual world of the internet, the website is your company's public relations manager. It can provide to your clients or target clients updated informations about your business. The information is available instantly to everyone with a relatively low cost (without print or mail).
The visitants can get information at any time in anywhere and how many times they want.

What are the main advantages in e-commerce?

Reinforce the corporate identity and brand. Makes your marketing investment go forward
Advertising services and products
Collect email addresses and other useful information through your website
Make market research through your website
Promotions by direct targeted, email campaigns
Build your clients relations through personalized treatment.

What are the advantages regarding marketing and sells?

The website is hosted in a web server available 24/7. Offering new business opportunities because clients can search your products and services using search engines.
Provides contact details, detailed informations about products, updated price lists, special promotions, etc.
Websites also allow clients to order products and services.
The need from administration is reduced, clients find the information and don't have the need to call to ask.
News about the vacations time, sells, discontinued products or new products can be published online.
Decreases the waste and improves the efficiency, a website is a ambient friendly of making business, decreases the number of flyers, provides answersto the most frequent questions, economizing the employees time. It can also provide information about clients' buy standards providing new marketing oportunities.