• Software development

    To improve the software quality, the development passes throw several stages to obey all the requirements and software quality standards. All products are implemented with the most recent development technologies and portability, in the final stages are made several tests of scalability, interoperability, safety and performance to assure a good software functionality. This kind of service can be from stand-alone applications to mobile applications.

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    We develop software to run in several operating systems. Being windows, OS x or even Linux, we develop applications in order to take the best of the operating systems they run in.
    Our applications are designed in order to have an optimum use of memory, however, there are also analyzed the processing needs. The applications with additional processing requirements are developed to take the advantage of the modern CPU units, this way the applications performances are boosted.
    The usability is a feature very important in all applications, this feature shows how easy is to users use one application. This is the reason why we put our applications to usability tests.